More Solutions!

Below, you'll find all of the solutions that worked for me, and for other girls. I've been searching around the internet for a decade, and these seem to be the most common fixes for a case of the onions. But before trying any of these things, if you haven't already, GO TO THE DOCTOR! You might have something that can be taken care of with a single course of antibiotics, so don't waste your time with this stuff if you haven't already been tested. 

Here are some tips and products that may help!

The Products!

The following worked for me:
If you're interested in exactly how to use these products and why, check out this page.
• Chlorophyll 50 - 600MG - 1 pill at night, and 1 in the morning.
• Folic Acid 400MG - 1 pill a day
• Rephresh Pro-B Capsules - 1 pill a day
• Lactobacillius Acidophilus - 1 pill a day
• Oil of Oregano pills - 1 pill a day
• Certain Dri - once every three days

The following have worked for other girls:
• Magnesium - a bunch of girls suggest this in my comments sections.
• Colonetix - One of my readers suggests that she believed her constipation affected her odor. She said this product for constipation helped her
• Lavilin Deodorant - This is a deodorant similar to Certain Dri, but more natural - apply it to your vadge 2-3 times a week - to the outside, not internally!
• Povidone Iodine Soap - wash with it twice a day.
• Vanicream Soap - This soap is completely free of dyes and fragrances that can cause irritation and upset your vagina's delicate bacteria balance. It was created specifically for people with very sensitive skin who suffer from chemical irritants.
• Hibiclens - This is interesting. A girl in the comments section mentioned it. It's an antiseptic antimicrobial skin cleanser possessing bactericidal properties. Possibly capable of killing skin bacteria more effectively than regular soap.
• Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap - a girl in my comments section suggests using it twice a day
• Femanol - treats vaginal odors - I don't know this one personally, and I haven't seen it in stores, but it can be bought online
• Isoplus Shampoo - use it on your vadge. Apparently, it's a neutralizing ph balancing shampoo
• Essence For Women - I haven't used it personally, but it came highly rated by some girls on blogs
• Balance Activ Suppositories - if your odor is caused by Bacterial Vaginosis 
• Tend Skin - It's for razor burn. Some women splash it on their vadge and they say it stops the smell. I've seen this a few times on a few forums
• Coal Tar Soap - this was suggested by one of my readers.

Some solutions I've received from other ladies!

• Try Lemon for onion nips...
For girls with onion tasting nipples/boobs. Cut a lemon in half and rub the juice on your nipples once or twice a day. This neutralizes the onion taste. It actually works. For real. X

• Try Boric Acid and alum crystal deodorant...
Inserting 1 gel capsule (size 00) filled up with boric acid at night for 2 weeks 
After taking a shower rubbing my vulva and inner thighs with a wet alum crystal deodorant (you have to buy the crystal stones, not the ones that have a shape like deodorant, those contain more chemicals) until the crystal gets dry.
So the boric acid stop my bacterial vaginosis and the alum crystal deodorant control my body odor. I use a capsule of boric acid after sex (every time, otherwise, I get BV again) and like one once a week for prevention
I still get the onion smell when I'm about to have my period or in random days, I just use a capsule of boric acid immediately and it works
Those two steps changed my life (and sex life!) completely =)

• Try this natural deodorant and primer...
I finally found a natural deodorant that works for this problem. It is available at and it is called Jasmint Stick. I also found a product called pit primer to put on your underarms prior to the deodorant. Both of these products work great...

• Try this thing called "Secret Ceres"
Here is something i can share that helped me my husband of all people discovered a herbal vaginal stick that cleans,helps with ph and tightens also, I use it just a few times a month and my husband says my lady parts have no smell or taste to it which for me being an onion was amazing. There is the link if any one is interested in it. The odor went away completely and I've never been happier. It's a little expensive but there is no price you can put on a happy confident sex life.

• Try fiber and spearmint tea…
Your cause may be constipation. Make sure you are getting enough fiber & water regularly to keep things running smoothly on a regular basis and this will make a difference too. 

Try water, vinegar, baking soda and lemon/lime juice.
What helped me feel fresh all day was shaving and then washing my vag and butt with a mixture of water with vinegar, baking soda or lemon/lime juice. What you do is grab a plastic measuring cup, plastic cup or whatever you have on hand and fill it up with warm water and then add a splash of white vinegar or a big pinch of baking soda or the juice from a half of a slice of lemon/lime. Mix it and then wash your areas well. Rinse with warm water. Pat dry and done. I have also tried rubbing my areas with a half of a slice of lemon/lime and then rinse with warm water. I try to limit washing with vinegar about 1-2 times a week because it's too acidic for my hooha but I do cleanse daily with the baking soda and water mixture.

• Try cutting out dairy…
recently I started a new diet and a part of it is to cut out dairy to reduce belly bloat. So I did the next day I noticed I smelled but not as bad then the following day nothing I was like a normal woman. It went that way for a week till I cheated ( it's hard not to eat cheese).The very next day the smell was back.So that was all the study I needed its been two weeks no smell even close to my period and when I'm aroused. I'm willing to give up cheese to smell good.(its reeeaaaallly hard though)

• Try apple cider vinegar and yogurt or kefir…
For me it was a bacterial imbalance (which I think is what it is for most people), specifically Staph Hominis (known for their oniony smell) which override the non-odorous strains of Staph we have naturally on our skin. I recommend visiting Dr. Armpit's website. 
The only thing that I have found to help is the topical application of Apple Cider Vinegar followed by yogurt or kefir. The ACV is slightly acidic to kill the bacteria and the yogurt replenishes with healthy probiotics. Remember, you want to rebalance.
But it may not work upon first application, so do this for 1-2 weeks to move the bacterial communities in the desirable way. 

• Try Magnesium and Naked Naturals deodorant…
You may want to try magnesium supplements & That Naked Naturals deodorant (arrowroot,baking soda,coconut oil,carnauba was). It's kinda expensive at whole foods,but works well for armpits. You may have to re-apply during the day. Rub it in well & only a little. if you use to much & then sweat you'll get a little white lines possibly & just wipe away with tissue.

• A full protocol for nips and vadge…
For topical treatment of nipples, arm pits and vagina (must include inner thighs, inner lips and perrenia area includingredients outside of anus)
1.Mixture of Baking soda and Pure Lemon Juicemail
Use this everyday initially on affected areas. Rub thin film and let it sit for about 3 to 5 minutes before proceeding with normal bath. This can be done twice daily

2. Evening
After Baking Soda and Lemon wash has been rinsed take cotton ball soaked in ACV and clean all areas listed above. Let it dry. Next rub Plain unsweetened Greek yogurt as cream all over areas, allow to dry overnight. Repeat this step 7 to 14 days consecutively. This process kills the bad bacteria on the surface of the skin and helps to repopulate the area with good bacteria long term. 

3. In addition to taking the chlorophyll pills twice daily I have added 8 Oz of Kombucha tea each day as my probiotics in the am or afternoon and about 1/2 a teaspoon of baking soda mixed in a glass of water in the evening. This really did the trick for me by balancing my PHD levels (alkalizing) my body.

4. The final step that has changed my life was using a baking soda and tea tree oil mixture as a douche. This also helped to tame my PHD and reduced the musty/battery acid taste, smell and sensation. 

• Could be Candida…
I’ve finally found one that works for me! It was information on your site that lead me to the solution, your comments about Candida and leaky gut. My solution is 2 products, a very specific probiotoc called ProBio5, which has an antifungal to kill the Candida as well as 5 different flora to help balance the chemistry, the other is a cleansing product called BioCleanse, which helps flush your body of the dead toxins! If you don’t flush them they will get reabsorbed! Both products are from a health and wellness company called Plexus. 

• Oil of Oregano…
Oil of Oregano pills are a miracle worker!! This happened to me for the first time ever this year and it was driving me crazy. Funny thing is my armpits smelled just as oniony as my groin area. I'm like...ok, I'm 37 years old...I should not be smelling like a little musty boy! I went so far as to get a wax down there, thinking the hair was holding some type of odor. Well, that wasnt the problem and I saw my life flash before my eyes during that wax experience. Anyway, the oil of oregano knocked it out In 2 days. There is NO ODOR whatsoever.

• Topical probiotics…
One method i've used is to cleanse really thoroughly and then cover the areas with natural yoghurt (no flavours or added sugars!!!) or probiotic powder (from inside probiotic capsules) before going to bed. This could be done every day in a row for almost a week and whenever it gets bad again. Essentially, you're covering the skin with positive, non smelly bacteria which means they help fight the bad ones off and stop them from growing back as strongly.
maybe try in conjunction with the vitamins and supplements if you're still having difficulties?

• Magnesium Citrate…
For my onion nipple girls...magnesium citrate has worked for me! SO happy. I tried the Chlorophyll, some expensive probiotics, Certain Dri, the medical grade soap...and 100mg of magnesium is what finally worked!

• A few soaps to try…
Both Hibiclens, Lemisol and Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap work wonders. Hibiclens works so well that you could two days without showering.

Some more Tips!

• Take a bath with a half a cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and a half a cup of epsom salt. Do this 3 times a week. Soak for a half hour.

• More Apple Cider Vinegar! Drink it - a table spoon diluted in water with honey, every morning.

• Even MORE Apple Cider Vinegar! Mix a few drops with a tea spoon of un-flavored, organic yogurt, and use topically on your vagina daily.

• Take a probiotic/acidophilus supplement 3 times a day

• Vipassana (Mindfulness) Meditation - Less stress, less odor.

• Go vegan for 2 weeks and see what happens - A number of websites mentioned this. Go for low fat/ high fiber and starch based foods. If it works, you'll have to keep it up.

• Try the Paleolithic "caveman diet" and see what happens. It's a diet that rids the body of candida, which when overgrown, can cause body odor (and many other health problems).

• Cut out coffee, smoking and tea for at least 2 weeks - caffeine can excite apocrine glands and cause odor, so see what happens when you cut them out for a while.

• Eat WAY more leafy greens and drink wheatgrass shots - Full of odor fighting vitamins like Chlorophyll and other deodorizing, detoxifying vitamins

• Yoga - Sweat it out. Vinyassa yoga will make you sweat, sweat, SWEAT.

• Tea tree oil - it's anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Put about 10 drops in a nightly bath, or mix a drop or two on fingers wet with water, and rub in around the opening of your vagina.

• Wear 100% Cotton panties -  (works for some girls, not others)

• Experiment with removing certain foods from your diet, onions being the obvious, but try removing curry, garlic, sugar and other pungent foods like salsa and hot sauce. Also try cutting out meat and fish for a while. There have been studies that show meat can cause bad body odor.

• Get a Brazillian wax - the fatty secretion that comes out of your glands collects around hair follicles, so… pull those suckers out!

• Yogurt - Half a cup or more of organic, unsweetened yogurt a day. If it's too bitter, use a small amount of honey. The friendly bacteria in yogurt makes for friendly vaginal flora.

• DO NOT DOUCHE! It only makes things worse if your smell is produced from an infection. Anyone who recommends douching hasn't done their research. And I'm not just talking about Summer's Eve… I'm talking about everything from vinegar and water to coconut water. Nothing should be shot up there. The vagina is a self-cleaning organ, if you shoot stuff up there, it just shoots things that should be on their way out, up in places where they don't belong. Don't douche, Don't douche. Don't douche. Don't douche!

• Try going off your Pill for a while (Obviously using condoms in the mean time, if you don't already). There has been some research that suggests that birth control pills may cause body odor.

• Wear gloves when you handle garlic or onion - some women swear that just touching onion causes their vaginas to smell. 

• Condoms - Some women are very negatively effected by semen, in a bacterial sense. I don't know all the ins and out of it (see what I did there?) but I do know it has something to do with acids and bases. Semen makes your vadge more alkaline, while by nature, it's more acidic. Acid kills spermies, so the goo around the sperm makes you more basic so they can swim all the way to their desired destination without fear. You probably notice a bit of a fishy smell the day after unprotected sex. Perhaps even a burning sensation. That's cause you have a very small case of gardnerella bacteria growing in your cooch (that's what happens when those acids and bases mix). For most women, this clears up really fast, but for other women, unprotected sex can throw off the balance of natural, friendly flora in your vagina and cause bacterial infections, so try wrapping it up.

Good luck ladies!!


  1. Both Hibiclens, Lemisol and Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Castile Soap work wonders. Hibiclens works so well that you could two days without showering. Seriously, but, I was always fearful that it was killing the good bacteria and it was drying, so I stopped using it.

    1. Thanks for your input, sweetheart! I've never heard of Lemisol. Interesting. And yes, a number of other gals suggested Hibiclens and Dr. Bronner's. If you're concerned about over-cleansing, though - definitely give the supplements mentioned on this site a try. They're all super healthy and not to mention, Probiotics keep your good bacteria happy and healthy as well, so you've got nothing to lose but the onions ;) Best of luck, hon!

    2. Hey I have been chloroxygen for a week now and I have been taking zinc, folic acid, and changed my diet for awhile but still get that onion smell when I workout and sweat? Do I need up my intake of more than 50mg??

  2. How would you use the hibiclens? Just rub it on the problem areas?

    1. Humm... according to one of my commenters, she says to apply the soap without water for 2 or 3 minutes, then rinse. I haven't used this soap myself, so I cant speak from experience. Perhaps give it a try and let me know if it works out for you!

  3. Hibiclens is required by plastic surgeons when getting breast augmentation (I know from experience). My surgeon said that he requires it because it gets rid of bacteria on the surface of the skin really well. Its a pink, very watery liquid soap. You soap your body WITHOUT water (surgeon required w/o water just read the box and it says with water) for like 2 minutes, or 3 I think, then u rinse it off. I bought my bottle from Walgreens. Comes in a blue box.

    1. Great to know, sweetheart! I haven't used this soap myself, so I wasn't exactly sure how girls were using it. Thanks for letting us know!

  4. Hi there I hate to be so openly bold but I have discovered something you may find interesting. I myself have been a recreational drug abuser for many years well about 20 years progressing from marijuana up to cocaine and on a few occasions heroin and crack cocaine. Mostly tho I use amphetamines when I am partying. I also suffer from the onions and have done for many years my onion phases regularly co inside with my drug abuse. I have mentioned this to many of my drug using female friends and I would say out of the 20 I have asked, 15 have reported that they too experience this as a side effect. Also we may sometimes get bacterial vagnosis. None of us inject drugs. But washing with coal tar soap helps a lot. As does the anti bacterial gel doctors use in hospitals. Don't know if this is the kind of thing you would want to have ok your web site but perhaps in my case no drugs would help and perhaps this will help others who may not have thought of the link between drugs and the onions. Hope it may help others.

    1. No judgments here, sweetheart! Any information that helps other ladies with this issue is very appreciated, so thank you! I'm going to add coal tar soap to my list of other solutions, and research that gel you mentioned. It's very interesting. I wonder what the connection is to drug use. The only thing I can think of is it's possibly related to a compromised immune system, and also related to bacterial vaginosis. A lot of girls say they find relief from the onion symptoms when they start taking probiotics which keeps BV under control. That may be the connection there. Thank you again for your info, lady, and best of luck!

  5. Hi there! Thanks so much for this! Could you just clarify how much Chlorophyll you take a day? As I understand it, you take 50 mg twice, sometimes three times a day (100-150 mg/day)...but the "600MG" confuses me.

    Excited to try this out!

    1. Ahh. It is a bit confusing. I've discovered that not all brands of chlorophyll are equal - some are derived from English Stinging Nettle, some from alfalfa, etc., and it seems as though the plant from which it is derived plays a bigger factor in the strength of the chlorophyll than milligrams. In other words, the brand Chloroxegen uses Nettle and provides only 50MG of chlorophyll, but the strength of this brand appears to be equal (or greater) to the strength of Nature's Plus brand (derived from alfalfa) that provides 600MG of chlorophyll. So long story short, you can take between 50MG and 600MGs (it all depends on the brand) - although don't necessarily think that a higher milligram count works better - you just don't want to go higher than 600 or lower than 50. Personally, I prefer Chloroxegen brand chlorophyll pills. They just work best for me, but you may discover a brand that works best for you. It's worth experimenting of you notice one brand isn't doing the trick. I hope that makes things a little more clear.

  6. I believe that I got the "onions" because I cook with onions every single day.. I never noticed before until a few nights ago that I smell like onions down there. But as far as the chlorophyll, how long do I take it? Like would I be able to take it for a month and the smell is gone forever? Or do I have to take it forever?

  7. Hello!I've tried chlorophyll and that gave me horrible constipation that I almost went to the ER for pain. Oil of oregano does the same thing just not as bad. I've been on folic acid for a little bit and it has stopped working. I get so nervous going to class and out on dates because I feel like people can smell it. What do I do??

    1. Sorry to hear that, hon. So strange that chlorophyll gives you that reaction. Take a look at the other solutions on this page and look through the comments too. Girls have shared their own solutions that I haven't listed myself. In the mean time, just use deodorant on your inner thighs and around the area where the odor is the strongest - making sure not to get any actually inside your vagina. That will most likely prevent the odor during the day. There are lots of solutions on this site, so keep trying! Best of luck to you!

  8. Manjakani wash! It's an herb that is a natural deordarant and keeps your vagina elasticity strong!!

  9. Try Activated Charcoal, it worked like a charm for me

  10. I just want to thank you so much for doing this website and helping all the girls with an onion case! like myself :)
    I've had a weird smell down there since I entered puberty (LOTS of years ago) that messed up with my self confidence and with my life in general. The smell became more intense as years went by, and it started to smell like onion, or garlic or just body odor, I didn't know if the smell came from inside of my vagina or my vaginal lips and thighs.
    A year ago I was so frustrated and desperated, so I started looking of a cure, reading websites... I was so afraid of going to the gyn, and I didn't told anything to my family or boyfriend.
    So, here's what worked for me:
    Inserting 1 gel capsule (size 00) filled up with boric acid at night for 2 weeks
    After taking a shower rubbing my vulva and inner thighs with a wet alum crystal deodorant (you have to buy the crystal stones, not the ones that have a shape like deodorant, those contain more chemicals) until the crystal gets dry.
    So the boric acid stop my bacterial vaginosis and the alum crystal deodorant control my body odor. I use a capsule of boric acid after sex (every time, otherwise, I get BV again) and like one once a week for prevention
    I still get the onion smell when I'm about to have my period or in random days, I just use a capsule of boric acid immediately and it works
    Those two steps changed my life (and sex life!) completely =)
    Good luck girls
    ps. sorry for my english, is not my language

    1. Amazing! Thank YOU lady! I'll add your solution to my "More Solutions" page! ... and you're English is perfect ;)

    2. I forgot to say that it helps A LOT if you shave your private parts and drink lots of water =)

  11. I smell pretty good down there but the taste is awful, is there a natural way of fixing this without cutting out onions from my diet xoxo

    1. Hey there! Well is the taste an onion taste or something else? If it's an onion taste, I would give chlorophyll a try, but if there's a sourness or "yeasty" taste... that might call for something different, or in conjunction with chlorophyll. Let me know, sweetheart, and we'll get your problem solved! ;)

  12. Hi, your blog is amazing!
    I wanted to ask about nipples tasting like onions? My husband told me many times that they have a special taste, so I tried and it was onion taste, it was really really strong, it is really unpleasant, I do not eat onions, what are the solutions to make it stop taste like onion?
    Thank you for your time

  13. I can't believe I found this blog! I've had several brief bouts of "oniony vagina" in my 56 years, but since I adore inions I figured it was the onions causing the problem. I also noticed that it only happened when I ate raw onions, but not cooked onions so I figured coooking killed whatever enzyme was irritating my vagina. I haven't had this problem in several years and it went away on it's own. I'm a nurse and when I mentioned my symptoms to various OBGyns thy shrugged and had no answers. When I was having the bouts, they coincided with an extremely stressful time in my life. I had no infections or STDs either.

    Interestingly enough, when I was in my 20s and my husband and I first stopped using condoms cuz we were trying to get pregnant, I didn't have the oniony vaginal odor but I was very irritated and itchy. My doctor said that I was "allergic" to my husband's sperm and should wash and douce my vagina immediately after unprotected sex to "rinse it out". That worked.

    The only time I ever had a UTI was after having sex and going to sleep instead of getting up to urinate. I learned my lesson. Ugh.

    Thank you for making this blog and helping those of us who have gone through this...and weren't sure we weren't alone.

    If I find out anything about this that you haven't mentioned, I'll send you the info.


  14. Are the highlighted products the ones that work the best ?

  15. Haha. Nope. I just formatted the text incorrectly. Only just noticed because you pointed it out. I’ll change it ;) To tell you the truth, the product that seems to work most consistently for ladies is Chlorophyll at night and in the morning, but every woman is different, so if any one thing doesn’t work for you, simply move on to the next in the list...regardless of sloppy text formatting ;)