Monday, July 30, 2012

Onion Girls Unite!

Dear ladies,
Let me begin by saying congratulations! You've finally found the blog that will help you get rid of your oniony vagina. Whether or not you've been afflicted for a few days or a few years, you're over it, and you need solutions. I know you've been searching through endless health forums, googling and googling, blown away that there are so many women exactly like you, but no one has come up with the damn cure, already. Sure, you've read the "wear cotton panties," "take a shower twice a day," "Don't eat onions" (B.S.) solutions, but they don't work. It really is incredible. This is a major problem. It effects your self-esteem, causes you anxiety, and effects your relationships (if you're even bold enough to get into one). 

I suffered with onion-vadge for about a decade. It was a constant drag, and the wackiest thing about it was that it would be at its most pungent, most gross, and most embarrassing when I was aroused. You know, exactly the moment when you want to smell like french onion soup. I tried everything from cutting out onions to quitting smoking, quitting coffee, eating nothing but fruits and vegetables, taking B12, taking all kinds of things… Trying yoga, trying meditation, drinking nothing but water, changing my soaps, changing my sheets every night, douching with coconut water… you name it. I even tried the damn cotton panties, but none of these things worked. In fact, all of these things were just as useless and time-wasting as asking my doctors.

Over the last decade, I must have seen 15 - 20 or so different gynecologists and doctors, and every single one looked at me like a deer in headlights. I thought surely at least 1 doctor would know a treatment, or even just a cause... but nope! When you look online, (as I know you have) you find hundreds, if not thousands, of poor girls just like yourself, begging and pleading for an answer and our doctors have never heard of it. Or if they have, let me guess… it's no big deal, right? They've told you something along the lines of "It's just your scent, it's natural, it can't be that bad, you're not sick so don't worry about it," and other such disconcerting nonsense. I believe the reason for this is 2 fold. We go to gynecologists who only know about infections, but this condition is rarely caused by an infection - it seems to mostly be caused by vitamin imbalances, hormone issues, overgrowths of specific skin bacteria and diet. But I also think there just isn't enough care about a condition like this by doctors. Feminine odor is something that western medicine doesn't concern itself with, unless it can be treated with medication - which in most cases, isn't at all the correct way to treat this issue. So we ladies have to pull up our boots and find the treatments ourselves.

To know how to treat a condition effectively, you'd generally have to know your cause first, but this can be a bit tricky because it appears there are many causes. If you're at a loss for your specific cause, no worries. Simply start with the most healthy, easy solutions in my solutions page, and if they work, you're all good! For me, taking a supplement called "Chloroxegen" has worked wonders. It's simply chlorophyl, which is a healthy supplement to take anyway. Maybe for you, it may be adjusting your diet, changing your soaps, or even wearing gloves when you cut onions - many ladies swear that touching onions causes this issue for them. Who knew!? If those solutions don't work, try any of the other solutions I've found that didn't work for me, but worked for other ladies.

And for those of you who also have oniony boobs (a symptom that appears to go hand in hand with onion vadge for many ladies) you may find a lot of the info on this site helpful as well. And for those of you who suffer from chronic UTIs (something that also seems to go hand in hand), I've got a natural treatment and preventative care regimen for that too.

Now, you might be asking yourself, why would some chick make a site about onion vaginas? Why didn't she just find out what worked and then just walk off into the sunset? Well, I'll tell you...

This site has been visited over 500,000 times in the last 4 years by women all over the world. That's over 500,000 girls who have potentially done the same thing I did - looked for help, and were told "there's no help to be found, and by the way, get over it," perhaps by multiple doctors a piece. Some of my doctors actually showed some compassion, but pretty much all of them acted like there was simply nothing that could be done. So, I've decided to take this opportunity to say, despite what literally about a million doctors between us would say - that actually, yes, you can treat this! I know you can, because I've done it, and it completely changed my little life.

Ultimately, I want to find a treatment that works for every girl. Maybe it's something stronger than chlorophyll, maybe it's a soap, maybe it's a mix of a number of vitamins... whatever it is, I want to find it because no woman should have to suffer from this condition. If you've found a solution that worked for you, LET ME KNOW down in the comments at the bottom of this page, and if something I've written helped you, and you want to contribute to my continued efforts to find a treatment that works for every girl, a donation would be greatly appreciated.

Godess-speed, my dear.